OK, I had to post these because I love them sooo much


Washed Out

A leopard and her baby baboon

Fav V-Day PostSecrets

NEW Black Sperm Whale Painting

Loving the bold colors in my newest original painting. I have the day off so I’ll be painting more this evening.

NEW Postsecret inspired shop graphics

If you’ve been checking in here every so often you would know that I love postsecret dearly.

Being the free spirit I am, I couldn’t resist posting some “secrets” and tid bits of memories, dreams, and pure imagination into my Etsy shop. This particular graphic you can find in this textile necklace listing. I’ll be creating more “postsecret” inspired graphics so come visit ♥

Ah well I was thinking about finishing the gorgeous whale painting I’ve been working on. Actually I was thinking about showing you a few pictures of the in-progress work, but I’ve been having fun with these new graphics.


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